Creating Better Workplaces – One Leader at a Time.

Hi, I’m Ben Brearley. I believe that the quality of leadership in our workplaces is the most important factor in creating productive, effective and enjoyable places to work.

I’m here to help you improve your leadership skills and build your confidence to lead your teams more effectively.

Because that’s how work gets better – one Thoughtful Leader at a time.

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The Thoughtful Leader Community Forum is a great place for leaders like you to share information and discuss ideas to overcome your leadership challenges and improve your team.

The forum is completely free – sign up for an account and start a leadership conversation today by clicking the button below.

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Leadership Coaching Services

If you need help from an independent coach who can help you see things differently, change your mindset, help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, my leadership coaching services will be perfect for you.

I don’t offer generic advice because every leader, workplace and team is different. I find out what’s challenging you, we set goals and then implement a plan to achieve them.

If you’re interested in Leadership Coaching, click the button below to learn more.

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The Leadership Confidence Online Course.

The Leadership Confidence Online Course is perfect for leaders and managers who want to build resilience and feel more comfortable and confident in leading their teams and handling difficult workplace situations.

You can be a more confident leader, take workplace challenges in your stride and set an example for the people around you. This online course also comes with a coaching package option to help you tackle your individual challenges.

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Time Management Online Course - Productive Leader

Time Management for Leaders: The Online Course

As a leader, you are in a difficult position, often struggling to get all your work done and support your team at the same time.

If you feel like you’re always fire-fighting instead of being an effective leader, then the Time Management for Leaders Online Course can help you.

Enrol in this course and you will walk away with actionable, practical strategies to manage your time better and become a more effective leader.

Click the button below to learn more about the course and enrol today.

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