Need Help Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level?

My leadership coaching services can help you.

Use My Experience and Qualifications to Benefit Your Leadership.

I have been leading teams, mentoring, managing employees and leading projects for over 15 years. I’m an MBA and have worked across many industries and worked within many different team environments. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I have tried things and failed. I’ve also tried and succeeded.

If you have a leadership challenge, I can help you overcome it.

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Providing Crucial Support For You, When You Need It.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re going it alone. My leadership coaching services are designed to deal with your specific situation.

I don’t offer generic advice. I find out what’s challenging you, what you want to achieve and understand the situation you’re in. That’s the only way to provide lasting support.

You May Benefit From Leadership Coaching If…

1. You have challenges that you want to discuss with someone independent, outside of your workplace and normal network

2. You want to build your confidence in leadership

3. You need some help exploring your available options

4. You want to improve your career prospects and develop your leadership skills

5. You’re having trouble moving forward. You feel stuck or “in a rut”

6. You have specific leadership challenges you want to work through and solve.

How My Leadership Coaching Works

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I’ll understand Your Situation

Before our first session, you’ll complete a simple form explaining your current situation, including the role you have, organisation or industry you work in and your current challenges.

This way, I understand more about your situation immediately, rather than needing to spend too much time on the basics.

We’ll Make Sure It’s a Good Fit

Before we start any leadership coaching sessions, we’ll have a 30 minute introductory discussion, free of charge. There’s no obligation to continue if you or I don’t think it’s a good fit.

I’m not interested in wasting your time or money. I’m interested in helping you improve and achieve your goals.

We’ll Set Goals

It’s important to understand your goals for leadership coaching up front. What do you want to achieve? Without understanding your goals for coaching, it’s impossible to know whether we have succeeded!

Based on the goals you set, I can structure the leadership coaching sessions to best achieve the outcomes you are striving for.

We’ll Connect Wherever You Are

I run most of my leadership coaching sessions using video-conferencing, so that we can connect from wherever you are.

This means you can get the support and guidance you need, no matter where your work or life schedule takes you.

“I have been coaching and mentoring teams and leaders for many years. I can help you too.”

Thoughtful leader

I am the founder of Thoughtful Leader and have led people, teams and projects in many different organisations and industries.

I’m a leader, manager, MBA and former management consultant who is passionate about helping leaders achieve better results and improving their leadership skills. Leaders are what make workplaces great (or not so great) places to work!

I have led, mentored and coached leaders and staff at a wide variety of organisations in industries including Healthcare, Government, Utilities, Resources and Construction.

I’ve personally experienced the good, the bad and the extremely ugly within a range of diverse team, projects and organisations, and can help you improve your leadership.

If you care about the people you lead and want to make a difference, I can help you get there.

So How Do I Start?

It’s a simple approach, and it helps to get the best outcome for you:

1. We meet for a free 30-minute initial discussion, where I find out more about you, your goals and challenges

2. If we both feel that Thoughtful Leadership coaching can help you achieve your goals, we organise the first full coaching session.

How a Typical Leadership Coaching Session Works

Each leadership coaching session runs for one hour and is structured in the following way:

  • Last Session Review – if this isn’t your first session, we discuss what has happened since we last met. Did you execute the actions we spoke about? What challenges did you face? Did anything significant change in your situation that we need to address?
  • Goal or outcome for the session – we determine the goal or outcome that you want to achieve from this session. I work with you to set this outcome, but the goal ultimately is decided by you.
  • Explore options and barriers – based on the outcome of the session, we discuss options to move you forward to achieving your goal and the difficulties you may encounter.
  • Identify actions and next steps – we work together to determine concrete and specific actions that you will undertake to achieve your goals. We make sure they are realistic and achievable.
  • Check outcomes – you review your key outcomes from the session and the key actions you are going to take before the next one. We discuss how you feel and what new insights you had as part of the session.
  • Close out and accountability – how are you going to make sure you complete your actions? We discuss how to partner up to make sure you carry out your assigned next steps.
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What Happy Customers Are Saying

Being new to a manager role, I wasn’t sure whether I was communicating well or dealing with problems effectively. I decided to ask Ben for help with a specific issue I’d been struggling with for weeks.

Ben was recommended to me by a friend of mine. She has benefited several times from Ben coaching her through difficult times at work and I thought I should try it too!

One session with Ben helped me to define 3 easy to follow steps that I tried immediately with my team. The results exceeded my expectations. I continue coaching sessions with Ben as I want to keep improving and it helps to have an independent advisor to bounce my ideas off. Ben’s style is focused on practical solutions that I can put in place quickly and it works!

A. Edwards, Manager, Chicago, USA

Available Coaching Packages

Everyone has different requirements. Choose the package and approach that suits you. If none of the options below suit your needs, please get in touch and we can work on a customised solution for you.




20 Splendide philosophia et

Cum at probo / minimum

Single Coaching Session

USD$ 150

Organised on an as-needed basis with no commitment to sign up for more than one session at a time.

Ideal for leaders who have a specific challenge they want to overcome.

One Single 1:1 Online Video Coaching Session

Monthly Coaching Package

USD$ 270

Ideal for leaders who want to set longer term goals for their leadership development

With this package, we can work together to set up a structured program so that you have a clear roadmap for what you want to achieve.

2 x Online Video Coaching Sessions per month 


Includes email support between sessions