Below you can find testimonials from some of my happy coaching clients.

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When I started coaching I was feeling overwhelmed with the new promotion and was questioning whether I was capable and deserving of such a role.

Working with Ben has really changed the way I look at myself. Ben has given me that confident mindset by listening and providing guidance and support in making me think deeply to work on not only myself but to deal with different situations using alternative tools.

I believe in myself again and I know that I can do it!

To work with Ben, who isn’t embroiled in the politics and business I’m working in, has been refreshing. I have really enjoyed working with Ben as he is easy to open up to and it’s also been fun.

I have valued the time spent with him and would love to work with him again in the the future.

Karen Shaw, Director of Marketing Communications, EnerSys, UK

One of the best outcomes of coaching with Ben was the opportunity to stop and think, which led to new perspectives on the workplace. I learnt a lot about myself and this challenged me to think about my behaviour and ways I can improve.

I came away from coaching sessions feeling more positive and this also was reflected in my work and my engagement with colleagues.

When I started coaching I was feeling confused about the direction of my career, then I worked with Ben and now I feel a lot clearer about what I want to do in future and what goals to prioritise in order to get there.

A.A., Pharmaceuticals Industry, UK

From the outset, Ben made me feel comfortable to talk about my challenges and the areas of growth I sought. Through the coaching we covered a variety of topics including self-confidence, leadership and communication strategies.

Overall, a great experience. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who is looking to invest back in themselves at any stage of their career. He focuses on building trust, getting the best out you, and shares tools that you can apply in everyday scenarios.

The ability to flush out the solution from within you is a great confidence booster.

Gunbir Sandhoo, Manager, Business Engagement, Utilities Industry, Australia

When I started coaching I was facing some changes in my life. I was not enjoying my role which I found stressful, pressured and not aligned to my values. My confidence was low.

Working with Ben helped me determine what is really important to me at this stage of my working life and work through various challenges. Some of these were immediately related to my role or how I deal with situations, but others related to taking steps to understand my options.

We revisited my goals regularly and when an opportunity for change presented itself, I felt equipped to make a considered (rather than reactive) decision.

What I like best is that I have created new habits and have strategies and tools to solve problems including taking small steps towards long term goals.

F. N., Resources Industry, Australia

When I started I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and responsibilities I had taken on. Coaching allowed me to put things in perspective, to gain more clarity and to feel supported and listened to. It also normalised things and helped me test strategies in a neutral and supportive environment.

The discipline of taking time out to think about what I do, why I do it the way I have and how I can change has been very valuable. It has also forced me to articulate and externalise things I have been struggling with in isolation.

It was definitely worth investing the time in coaching. I feel the benefits are long-term even from a shorter term engagement.

S.S., Sydney, Australia

When I started coaching, I had fairly low self-esteem in my role and low self-confidence that I could do my job properly.

Working with Ben gave me a new perspective and tools to help me approach difficult situations in a new way. Having Ben to discuss issues with and using the tools he gave me has given me more confidence to do my job in a way that I am happier with.

My biggest learning was that there is always another way to look at something; a way that can lead to a more constructive outcome.

Dom Mitchell, Operations Manager, Sweden

When I started coaching I was doubtful about my work. I had no one to provide feedback and discuss my thoughts on complex tasks and discussions.

Working with Ben has helped me work on those doubts and understand how to use my weaknesses to grow and improve how to tackle those tasks where I thought my knowledge was limited.

Having Ben as a coach allowed me to talk about issues I saw as limitations, and Ben helped me re-look at some situations and observe them as opportunities.

During our coaching sessions, we discussed ways I could approach difficult situations, which gave me clarity on problems I was facing and I was able to develop different options to move forward.

Marie Pillay, Project Coordinator, Thermomix, Australia

My biggest learning was that deep down, you already know what your obstacles are, but you need to be truthful and transparent in answering the questions that the coach will be teaching you to ask for yourself. Then you can make a plan to take the actions you need to overcome the obstacles.

Ben’s coaching enabled today’s obstacles to become tomorrow’s victories, and now tomorrow’s breakthroughs are today’s possibilities.

Ben’s coaching will enable you to find your greatest potential and maybe give you a little shove when you need to unleash it!

Project Manager, Utilities Sector, Perth, Australia

Even though I have been in leadership for a number of years, I was able to take away new strategies not only for myself, but for the leadership around me.

I felt like I had constructive items to take away from each session. It was also beneficial to spend time on self-reflection, which is something that most people don’t regularly prioritize.

Alisha M., Director, Michigan USA

Before Ben’s coaching I was extremely uncomfortable, fearful about my abilities and held myself back with my self-limiting beliefs. In such subtle ways, I was self-sabotaging and now that I work with Ben my confidence has soared and belief in myself has exponentially increased.

Ben is so clear and concise in his coaching and will be the most valuable time you can invest for your personal growth and development.

Irene Clark, Business Owner, Australia