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Don’t Wait for a Crisis – Why Leaders Should Focus On Workplace Wellbeing

I've worked in many organisations where leaders are still running on the hamster wheel of work. These leaders treat themselves poorly, without taking breaks or doing anything else to support their wellbeing at work. There are a few problems here - perception is one of them. Some leaders think that [...]


How to Ignore the Trivial Issues and Tackle that Elephant in the Room

Many organisations spend an enormous amount of time focusing on small, trivial issues and working around problems instead of tackling them head on. Focusing on the small issues is a great way to procrastinate and make yourself feel like you're doing something. In this episode I talk about why this [...]


How Team Alignment Will Help You Get On (and Stay On) the Right Track

If you feel like your team isn't operating as well as it could be, it might be that you aren't all pulling in the same direction. Confusion, frustration and conflict are often symptoms that people aren't on the same page.  In other words, you need to get your team aligned [...]