Be a confident, thoughtful leader and make a lasting positive impact in your workplace.

Many leaders feel frustrated, uncertain or overwhelmed, when all they really want is to make a positive impact on their people and organisation.

My name is Ben Brearley and I coach leaders to help them build confidence, lead more effectively and take control of their leadership situation.

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I know what it’s like to feel stressed and frustrated in a leadership role, especially when you’re trying really hard to be a good leader for your people.

If you need help to solve your team problems, build confidence or simply need some direction, my leadership coaching services can help you.

I’m a certified coach and MBA and have been leading and managing people for many years.

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Team Accountability Builder Online Course

I know how frustrating it can be when your team members don’t take ownership of their work. You end up having to take care of everything and you’ve already got so much else to do!

Accountability is a major factor in improving team performance. That’s why I’ve created this course to help you build it into the way your team operates.

This course is open right now – enrol today!

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Leadership Confidence Online Course

Leadership is challenging and sometimes we feel consumed with self-doubt, like we’re not good enough to lead.

If you want to build resilience and feel more comfortable and confident in leading your team, then my Leadership Confidence Online Course is for you. You’re good enough – you just need to believe it!

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Time Management Online Course - Productive Leader

Time Management for Leaders Online Course

Our workplaces can be busy, stressful and leave us feeling anxious, overworked and overwhelmed.

If you want to feel calm, in-control and be more available to support and help your team, then my Time Management for Leaders Online Course can help you.

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eBooks & AudioBooks

The Thoughtful Leader eBooks and AudioBooks are great resources to help you improve different aspects of your leadership and make a positive impact on your team.

These resources cover topics such as:

  • Motivating your team
  • Building team accountability
  • Handling difficult conversations; and
  • Managing your time effectively.

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