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Build Ownership and Accountability and See Improvement In Your Team In Weeks … Not Years.

It’s frustrating when your team members don’t take ownership of their work. You end up having to take care of everything and you’ve already got so much else to do!

Accountability is a major factor in team performance. I’ve created this course to help you build accountability into the way your team operates. When you take the Team Accountability Builder Online Course, you will:

  • Learn about accountability and the ways that you’ll be able to build it in your team
  • Develop your own Team Accountability Plan with actionable steps you can take to build ownership in your team; and
  • Take action on your plan and put the factors in place which will improve performance.

Imagine leading a high-performing team that takes real ownership of their work. It can happen for you, so enrol today.

Online Course

$AUD 99 120
  • Instant access to the online course
  • Bonus: The Team Accountability Pack
  • Bonus: The Motivating Your Team Audiobook

How to Start to See Results In 4 Weeks

To achieve results in your team, I recommend completing the course and creating your Accountability Plan in 1 Week. Then, over the course of the next 3 weeks, you use the plan to make sure it sticks in your team. You can see the recommended progress in the timeline below.

Of course, to achieve results, you really need to take action on the plan! 

Note that in some situations, it might take longer than 4 weeks, depending on your team, organisation and policies. But in general, I’ve found that you really can make improvements quite quickly.

Here's What Happy Customers Are Saying

I am working through your Accountability course at the moment. It is such an eye opener.
I am currently working out how to sell the concept wider in my workplace – it is a must have.
This is a really good format. Normally I would have spent ages procrastinating on the perfect vision but here I’ve very quickly and clearly got to the heart of the issue, the vision and the measures.
Alex P.

What You'll Find In This Course

The Team Accountability Builder Online Course consists of 3 sections to help you improve accountability in your team.

Your Accountability Plan

During the course, you’ll also build your own Accountability Plan, which you will specifically tailor to your team.

The Accountability Plan consists of 10 sections, which you will progressively fill out as you work through each lesson. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but going through all the steps will give you a useful and effective plan for your team.

About the Course Creator

Ben Brearley is the founder of Thoughtful Leader and is a leader, AIPC and PRINT® certified coach, MBA and former management consultant passionate about developing considerate, thoughtful and effective leaders.

Ben has been leading and coaching for more than 15 years and has seen what works and what doesn’t. Use Ben’s knowledge and experience to build accountability and improve performance in your team!

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Ben Brearley

Over $35 of Included Bonus Resources

Inside the course you will also find the Team Accountability Pack, which consists of the following two popular eBooks in PDF format:

  • The Hold Your Team Accountable eBook; and
  • The Difficult Conversations eBook.

This product usually sells for $17, but they are yours for free as part of this course. You will also find included the Motivating Your Team Audiobook, which has great resources to improve motivation in your team. Some of your team issues may come from team members who aren’t motivated – so you can use this resource to help to fix that! The audiobook usually sells for $20, but it included for free in this course. In total, that’s over $35 of free bonus material to help you improve the way your team operates! You can use these bonus materials on any device, so you don’t need to be stuck in front of a computer all the time.

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Course Features

Short Video Lessons

This course consists of a few hours of short video lessons in 3 sections, covering all the important aspects of building accountability in your team. The aim is for you to be able to get results without needing to spend days watching video.

The course is self-paced and you can go at your own speed. Your progress will be saved and you can resume from where you left off.

A Tailored Accountability Plan, Exercises & Personal Advice to Help You

Each section contains simple exercises to help you apply the course material to your own team.

During the course, you will also build your own Accountability Plan for your team as you work through each lesson.

You can also add comments and questions in each lesson or send me an email so I can provide individual support.

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Money-Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, simply contact me to get your money back within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

Note: If you choose the coaching package, you can only get a refund before the coaching sessions takes place.

Full Course Details

Section 1: Fundamentals of Accountability

This section contains the following lessons:

  • Why Accountability Matters: Learn the key reasons why accountability matters for your team and how it will help you get better results.
  • Your Accountability Plan: Introduces your Accountability Plan, which you’ll complete throughout the course. At the end you will have a finished, actionable plan you can use in your team!
  • Identifying Accountability Problems: Learn the telltale signs of accountability issues so you gain awareness and can spot them in your team! Includes completing the “Team Accountability Issues” section of your Accountability Plan.
  • Understanding the End Game: Making sure you understand what you’re trying to achieve in your team – and how you’ll know when you’ve made it there. Includes completing the “Team Accountability Vision” section of your Accountability Plan.
  • Accountability vs. Responsibility vs Ownership: Learn the key differences between Accountability and Responsibility when it comes to your team, and why you don’t need to be the only accountable person in your team.
  • Types of Accountability: Learn about the 6 different types of accountability that you could use in your team. This includes completing the “Accountability Targets” part of your Accountability Plan.
  • Trust & Accountability: Learn about the link between accountability and trust, and why trust is a key ingredient to improving accountability in your team.
  • Accountability & Culture: Learn about how a culture of accountability can form, and shape the way your team works.

Section 2: The Accountability Framework

This section contains the following lessons:

  • The 4 Pillars of Accountability: Introduces the 4 pillars of accountability and how they will work together to build ownership in your team.
  • Pillar A: Clear Expectations: Learn about how to set clear expectations, including the type of expectations you need to set in your team. Then learn why leaders often don’t set clear expectations, and how to tell if your expectations are too high. Includes completing the “Expectations” section of your Accountability Plan.
  • The RACI Matrix: Learn how to use a RACI Matrix to communicate roles and accountability in your team. Also learn why a RACI is not the silver bullet solution… it’s just a part of it! Includes the “Create a RACI Matrix” exercise.
  • Pillar B: Reinforcement: Learn why reinforcement matters and how you can put your people in the spotlight to help reinforce expectations and produce outcomes in your team. Includes completing the “Accountability Spotlight” part of your Accountability Plan.
  • Pillar C: Consistency: Learn why consistency and persistence is so important in leadership and especially when trying to build a culture of accountability in your team.
  • Pillar D: Alignment: Learn why aligning your stakeholders is so critical when it comes to accountability… and how to do it. Includes completing the “Stakeholder Alignment” section of your Accountability Plan.

Section 3: Tailoring to Your Team & Making It Stick

This section contains the following lessons:

  • Addressing the WIIFM: Your team members might ask you “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM)… so here we learn about how to address this common question in your team. Includes completing the “Rewards and Consequences” section of your Accountability Plan.
  • Preparing Your People: In this lesson, we look at how to prepare your people for success when taking on accountability, including having the right skills, experience and making sure they’re well supported. Includes completing the “Preparing Your People” part of your Accountability Plan.
  • Using Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: When you believe in your people, they often start to believe in themselves… and the opposite is true too. Learn how to use a Self-fulfilling Prophecy to help you.
  • Common Accountability Traps: Learn some of the key traps with accountability, and how you can avoid them! Includes completing the “Risks & Mitigations” section of your Accountability Plan.
  • Monitoring and Course-Correcting: Accountability isn’t easy to build, and you might need to try a few different approaches. Learn how to monitor progress in your team and adapt when needed. Includes completing the “Monitoring” section of your Accountability Plan.
  • Taking Action: In this lesson, we step through your completed Accountability Plan and start taking action on it!

Your Questions Answered

How long will the course take to complete?2022-06-19T10:21:07+08:00

This course is not meant to take you a long time – it’s meant to help you improve accountability and start to see results, fast. The lesson videos should take you only a few hours to complete, but the real benefit of the course lies in completing the course exercises and your Accountability Plan.

Some of the exercises in the course involve bringing the course material into your day to day working life and trying things out, so these may take longer. If you’ve selected the coaching plan, the course exercises also help you prepare for the upcoming coaching session and provide me with valuable input to help me understand your situation.

How Do I Complete the Online Course?2024-06-18T14:06:08+08:00

The course is hosted on Podia, a secure online learning platform. You’ll be given access as soon as you enrol.

Using this platform, you’ll be able to access everything you need to complete the exercises and you can also leave comments and ask questions along the way.

Podia saves your progress as you go, and you can go at your own pace. I recommend completing a module every 1 or 2 weeks so you have time to work on the exercises as you go.

Online Course

$AUD 99 120
  • Instant access to the online course
  • Bonus: The Team Accountability Pack
  • Bonus: The Motivating Your Team Audiobook