Lead more effectively, reduce stress and focus your energy where it matters.

The Time Management for Leaders Online Course is perfect for leaders and managers who want to work more effectively and get their important tasks done, without sacrificing their wellbeing at the same time.

You can be a more effective leader, focus your time wisely and have more time to lead and support your team without burning yourself out at the same time. This course will show you how.

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Hi, I’m Ben Brearley.

I built the Time Management for Leaders Online Course to help people like you be more effective, reduce stress and have more time to lead and support their teams.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend “fire-fighting” problems
  • Get your important work done, without working longer and longer hours; and
  • Be more available to lead and support your team

… then this course is for you!

In this 4-module program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  • The fundamentals of good time management – what it is, and what it isn’t
  • Understanding your personal goals and reasons for managing your time effectively
  • Practical strategies to understand where your time goes, manage your tasks and prioritise effectively
  • How to break your work down to manageable pieces, delegate more effectively, focus and eliminate distractions; and
  • How to negotiate how you use your time with people around you, and be more strategic with the free time you do have.

The course is open right now, so I encourage you to enrol today!

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Happy Customers of This Course Are Saying:

My quality of work has increased and time has freed up more than I thought would be possible. My goals of reducing stress, being more productive and improving myself and team have been met and I am certain this system will continue to work for me, my colleagues and my family. Thank you for the wisdom offered and providing invaluable information in a clear and thoughtful manner.

Irene Jurcic, Team Leader

I have found the Time Management techniques and tools incredibly useful in managing both my work and home time. The Motivation & Procrastination and Negotiation sections particularly resonated with me. It is well worth making this investment in your own time.

Steve Lynch, Manager

The progress I’ve experienced in the last few weeks exceeded my expectations. The rewards have been countless – more time to plan and think about my job rather than just filling my day with busyness.

I’ve started consciously choosing tasks that are important to my stakeholders and allocating time to strengthen my relationships. All this by simply deciding not to do certain things – which was a massive challenge for me in the past. I highly recommend the Time Management for Leaders Online Course. Invest in yourself and you will be amazed with the results!

Karo Conner, Change Management Lead

Short Video Lessons

This course consists of more than 30 short video lessons in 4 sections, covering all the important aspects of Time Management.

With an average lesson length of 4.5 minutes, you can start applying the course material quickly, without having to complete the entire course in one go.

Exercises & Personal Advice to Help You Learn

Each section contains simple exercises to help you apply the content to your own role.

You can also add comments and questions in each lesson, so I can provide individual support.

Work at Your Own Pace

If you’re reading this, you know your time is precious. That’s why this course is self-paced.

Learn at your own speed, and start applying what you learn on the job, rather than be bombarded with material all at once, which you’ll quickly forget!

Money-Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, simply contact me to get your money back.

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Part 1: Foundations.

First, we set the foundations for improving the way you manage your time.

We start by defining Time Management and focusing on sustainability, so you don’t fall back into old patterns.

We understand your “Why” for Time Management, which will be different for everyone.

Then we look at our goals, which will help us set the direction for how we manage time during our day.

1: Introduction and Overview: An overview of the Time Management for Leaders Online Course. [5 mins 21 secs]

2: Time Management In Depth: Covers an in-depth discussion of Time Management, including what it is, what it isn’t, the problems of poor Time Management and the aim of sustainable Time Management. [8 mins 47 secs]

3: Time Management & Choice: Introduces the topic of Time Management and choices, and introduces the Time Management mindset – one of your greatest assets when it comes to managing your time. [3 mins 23 secs]

4: Finding Your Time Management “Why”: Learn the importance of understanding your “Why” for improving your Time Management skills. [3 mins 12 secs]

5: Time Management and Goal Setting: Learn the importance of understanding your goals for how you manage your time, and which goals you should be focusing on. [5 mins 32 secs]

6: Foundations Summary: This lesson summarizes the Foundations section of the course. [1 mins 7 secs]

Part 2: Awareness & Action.

Now, we seek to understand how you use your time and the options you have available to you, to manage it.

You learn several ways to manage tasks effectively, and prioritise your effort for greatest impact.

Most importantly, you leave this section armed with tools to handle your workload and stop the overwhelm.

Upwards action

7: Introduction: An introduction to Section 2: Awareness & Action. [1 mins 19 secs]

8: Understanding Your Options: Introduces the options you have to manage your time, when confronted with a heavy workload. [6 mins 15 secs]

9: Where Does Your Time Go?: To manage your time effectively, it’s handy to know where your time goes in the first place. This lesson will walk you through how you can do that. [7 mins 0 secs]

10: The Urgent-Important Matrix: Use the Urgent-Important Matrix to understand how to handle your tasks, and reduce the time you waste on low-value work. [6 mins 21 secs]

11: Managing Tasks Effectively: Learn tools and techniques that will help you to manage your to-do list to action your tasks more effectively. [5 mins 51 secs]

12: Effective Meetings: This lesson includes handy tips to have more effective meetings… and waste less time! [5 mins 10 secs]

13: Prioritizing Your Workload: Learn the essentials of prioritization and how you can focus on what matters. [5 mins 0 secs]

14: Section 2: Summary: Summarizes the learnings of Section 2: Awareness & Action. [1 mins 0 secs]


Part 3: Planning, Delegation & Focus.

Next, we cover how to plan effectively to break your work down into manageable parts.

Then, you learn simple techniques to delegate effectively, focus your mind on the task at hand.

Last, you’ll learn valuable ways to stop procrastination in its tracks, and boost your productivity.

15: Introduction: A brief introduction to Section 3: Planning, Delegation & Focus. [1 mins 24 secs]

16: Planning & Time Management: Covers the importance of effective planning to better manage your time. [4 mins 30 secs]

17: Work Breakdown Structure: A walkthrough of the Work Breakdown Structure method of planning. [6 mins 31 secs]

18: Work Breakdown Structure Exercise: This exercise will help you to break down one of your large tasks or projects into more manageable chunks. [1 mins 6 secs]

19: Effective Delegation: Learn how to delegate effectively in this lesson, and understand why it’s so important for you and your team. [8 mins 25 secs]

20: Will & Skill: This lesson introduces the Will & Skill model, which will help you understand the amount of oversight you need to provide team members when delegating tasks. [5 mins 34 secs]

21: Multi-Tasking & Context-Switching: This lesson dispels some myths about multi-tasking and emphasizes the importance of being able to focus on our tasks. [3 mins 52 secs]

22: Focus: Learn a bunch of simple, practical focus techniques which will help you get your work done efficiently, without being sidetracked by continuous distractions. [13 mins 45 secs]

23: Beating Procrastination: Learn how to start beating procrastination so you can get your work done when you really need to. [8 mins 24 secs]

24: Conclusion: This quick lesson recaps what you learnt in Section 3. [1 mins 21 secs]

Part 4: Negotiation & Confidence.

The final section of this course is about learning to deal with excessive workloads and unreasonable demands.

A critical way to safeguard your time is to negotiate and push back on demands that will see you and your team overwhelmed. Building confidence and learning to push back on these demands and negotiate the best use of your time is an invaluable skill.

Negotiation and pushing back

25: Introduction: Introduces an important section of the course, to help you negotiate your workload and build the confidence to take control of your time. [1 mins 15 secs]

26: Negotiating Your Workload – Foundations: Covers the importance of being able to negotiate and push back on your workload, as well as why many leaders don’t say “No”. [8 mins 1 secs]

27: Negotiating Your Workload – What It Is & Isn’t: Negotiating your workload isn’t just about saying “No” all the time – it’s about coming up with a better or different way, which is covered in this section. [5 mins 4 secs]

28: Negotiating Your Workload – Setting Up For Success: Part of being able to negotiate your workload effectively is putting in the work upfront, to ensure that you’ll be successful. This lesson covers how to set yourself up for success to do that. [5 mins 14 secs]

29: Negotiating Your Workload – Putting It Into Practice: We look at the steps involved in pushing back and negotiating your workload. [3 mins 42 secs]

30: Negotiating Your Workload – Wrapping Up & Exercise: This lesson wraps up the negotiation portion of the course and introduces one final important exercise. [2 mins 32 secs]

31: Introducing Process to Manage Demand: To stop you and your team from being overwhelmed with work, sometimes you need to put in structured processes to manage demand coming into your team. This lesson will help you do that. [5 mins 53 secs]

32: Being Strategic With Your New Free Time: Many leaders don’t know what to do if they have free time – they’re so used to just being busy all day. This lesson introduces 3 simple questions you can ask to be more strategic and improve your team with the new free time you have. [4 mins 24 secs]

33: Course Conclusion: This lesson provides the final takeaways from the course and summarizes the key points. [2 mins 44 secs]

The course is open right now – enrol today and start to see results!

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