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With the rise of more inclusive and collaborative leadership, setting deadlines can be uncomfortable for many leaders. However, there are good reasons for deadlines and they really can help to improve performance.

The trick is to make your deadlines meaningful, useful and real. This will help your people strive to achieve the target and feel motivated at the same time.

In this episode, I look at some of the common problems we see with deadlines in the workplace (or lack of them), the benefits of setting good deadlines and milestones and of course, how you can do it for your team.

Eustress and Distress - Work Pressure

The Eustress and Performance Curve

Resource: Deadlines are just one part of motivating people. If you are struggling to motivate your team I know how you feel – I’ve been there!

That’s why I created the Motivating Your Team Audiobook, with tools and techniques to get the best out of your team members and create the right environment for motivation. Don’t settle for a lazy, disinterested team… click here to listen to the audiobook today.

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Share this post with other Thoughtful Leaders!