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Coaching can be a really powerful way to help your people improve. It also shows that you’re interested in committing significant time to their personal and professional development. 

In this episode, I run through some advice to help you coach your people, including when coaching might be appropriate, and when it might not be. I also introduce a simple model you can use for coaching, to help you and the person you are coaching achieve a positive outcome from the experience.

Coaching Model

COACH Method

Coaching,ConceptBook Your Discovery Coaching Session

I invite you to a 90-minute Discovery Coaching Session, where we will:

  • Get clear on your most important goals and what is most important to you
  • Identify blockers and limiting beliefs that are holding you back; and
  • Develop key actions you can take to move forward and make progress.

You will leave the Discovery Coaching Session with a sense of clarity, purpose and practical steps to move you forward.

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