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Welcome to ThoughtfulLeader.com, where leadership and communication skills are what’s important.

My name is Ben and I created this site because I have gradually been worn down by the terrible leadership I have seen in many workplaces I’ve had the displeasure of working in.

One of my previous projects was ucareerstrategy.com, where I created a lot of material about general career topics. After a while, I realised that what I was really passionate about was leadership and communication skills. Wherever I worked, my ability to thrive in my role was highly dependent on the leadership and communication skills within the company and the teams that I worked in.

Leadership and communication skills matter!

I’ve worked in many organisations as a consultant. It’s not surprising that companies that enlist consultants to help them with big problems have some of the most dysfunctional environments. One obvious point was that the worst environments contained leaders that communicated poorly and failed to build good relationships.

I myself have held a variety of leadership positions in program and project management and as a team leader. My approach is always to try to get the best out of my teams by building strong rapport, showing trust, delegating effectively and using humour.

There is a lot I want to teach the new leaders that are coming up through the ranks. The time you become a new leader is when you set the foundation for your leadership and communication style.

This site contains a variety of topics and all of them will be about one central theme. Leadership and communication skills. Leadership and communication skills are a leader’s greatest asset and the glue of any workplace.

I’m currently developing a series of products to help leaders improve their skills and become the best leader they can be.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you can stick around and read some of my posts in the coming months and years! If you want to contact me, please go here.

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