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Time Management & Productivity: One of Leadership’s Greatest Challenges

Time Management is a big challenge for almost every leader.

The higher up you go, the more demands are placed on you. The bigger your team, the more coaching, mentoring and support you need to provide to improve team performance. When you’re a leader, your own boss delegates work and puts more pressure on you.

All this adds up to more stress, a longer to-do list and less time.

To help with this, I’ve put together some Time Management resources for you, based on my own experience. Use them to help you free your time and lead better!

What Is Time Management?

What is time management - looking at watchTime Management is the way you control the use of your time to achieve results.

Good time management means accomplishing your goals while minimising the effort needed to achieve them. Good time management also means treating your time as a precious commodity, leading to less stress and reduced risk of burnout.

Poor time management means wasted time, spending time working on the wrong things, and spending more effort than you need to achieve results. This ultimately increases the risk of burnout.

It should be noted that time management is not always about doing more. If you can free your time so you can go home on time, spend time with family or friends or pursue something non-work related, these are also worthy goals.

One danger that should be avoided is the extreme productivity mindset, where people are always striving to be more efficient, just so they can do more work. While this can be beneficial for leaders who want to get ahead, they also need to be wary of doing too much.

Time Management for Leaders Online Course

Our workplaces can be busy, stressful and leave us feeling anxious, overworked and overwhelmed. I know what it’s like, because I’ve felt those same feelings myself!

If you want to feel calm, in-control and be more available for your team, then my Time Management for Leaders Online Course can help you.

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The Time Management Toolkit

If you want to improve the way you manage your time, look no further! The Time Management Toolkit contains tools and techniques that you can use to manage your time better.

It will help you to cut out the low value tasks and focus on what matters.

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More Free Time Management Resources