Keep Learning & Improving With the Thoughtful Leader Membership

Leadership can feel isolating, and many thoughtful leaders feel like they’re going it alone.

It’s important to keep learning and improving, and feel supported at the same time. But sometimes, leadership development can cost you a lot of money and time.

My Thoughtful Leader Membership is designed to provide you with useful, affordable resources and support on a subscription basis. As a Thoughtful Leader member, you’ll be able to:

  • Access all of my Online Courses, eBooks and Audiobooks as part of the membership. When I add something new, you’ll get access to that too.
  • Attend regular Group Coaching and Q&A calls with me, to have your leadership questions answered and develop solutions for your challenges.
  • Access regularly-updated exclusive member video content, where I focus on leadership tools, techniques and the latest trends; and
  • Receive personal support from me via a private, 1-on-1 online text-based coaching channel (Gold members)

If you want to develop your leadership skills and confidence and feel supported while you’re doing it, then the Thoughtful Leader Membership is for you.

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A Message From Ben, the Founder of Thoughtful Leader

Hi, I’m Ben Brearley. I’m an experienced leader, coach and trainer and I have a passion for supporting leaders to develop and grow, so they can create better places to work.

Not everyone has access to leadership development resources through their own workplace, and more intensive training and coaching programs can be expensive.

This membership aims to bridge that gap, to allow more people to develop their leadership skills and confidence. I believe this is how we’ll get more capable, people-focused leaders into our organisations and create better places to work.

I hope you’ll join me.

Membership Overview

Online Courses, eBooks & Audiobooks

As part of your membership, you’ll get access to all my Online Courses, eBooks and Audiobooks.

When I add a new resource, you’ll get access to it straight away.

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Exclusive Member Video Content

You’ll get access to exclusive video content covering leadership tools, techniques and latest trends.

These videos won’t be available to anybody else, and I’ll be adding new resources several times each month.

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Group Coaching and Q&A Calls

You’ll have access to join frequent Group Coaching and Q&A calls with myself and other members.

Each call will be recorded so you can access them later if you are unable to attend.

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Private Coaching Channel

Gold members will be able to access a 1-on-1 private coaching channel with me, to receive coaching and support.

The channel will be a forum-style private chat, where we can work together on your leadership challenges.

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Access to All Online Courses, eBooks & Audiobooks

As part of the membership, you’ll have instant access to all of my Online Courses, eBooks and Audiobooks, valued at over AUD $500.

These resources will help you to grow your leadership confidence, be more effective, improve team performance and much more.

Currently, there are over 10 resources to take advantage of, including:

3 online courses – Team Accountability Builder, Build Your Leadership Confidence & Time Management for Leaders

5 eBooks – Time Management Toolkit, Hold Your Team Accountable eBook, Difficult Conversations eBook, Managing Upwards eBook, Adaptive Leadership eBook.

2 Audiobooks – Becoming a New Manager Audiobook, Motivating Your Team For Improved Performance Audiobook.

When I add new resources, you’ll immediately get access to these too.

Exclusive Member Video Content

When you join, you’ll get access to exclusive members-only video content.

I’ll be adding new videos every 2 weeks, so the library of resources will just keep growing!

These videos will cover useful leadership tools, techniques, news and leadership trends.

This will help you to stay up to date with what’s going on in the leadership world and get access to useful tools, without having to spend hours researching it yourself.

Group Calls - Membership Promo

Group Coaching and Q&A Calls

As part of the membership, you’ll be able to join Group Coaching and Q&A calls with me and other members.

Each call will focus on a particular theme, but I’ll also leave the discussion open so we can cover a variety of topics as needed. My aim is to create a safe space for members to share their challenges, so we can work on them together.

The calls will be held monthly, and I’ll try to cater for a variety of timezones. There are a lot of thoughtful leaders around the world, so I’ll set the times to try to suit as many of you as possible!

Each call will be a combination of Q&A (for simple questions) and coaching – depending on the situation. After all, group coaching is an excellent way to help a bunch of leaders out at the same time!

Private Coaching Channel (Gold Members)

Thoughtful leaders with gold membership will have access to a 1-on-1, private coaching channel with me.

The channel will be online, using a forum-style private text chat. Only you and I will be able to see the conversation.

I’ll be personally monitoring the channel frequently, and we can send messages back and forth to work through your leadership challenges or answer any questions you may have.

It’s a great way to get personal support from me in a private and confidential forum. (and yes, it’s me who you will be talking to, not a robot or someone from my team).

This option is currently limited to only five gold members so I can devote the time to support you properly.

Membership Features

Flexible: Stay As Long As You Need

Your membership gives you access to lots of resources you can take advantage of.

If you stick around for 1 month or 12, it’s completely up to you.

I hope you stay around for a while, but you can choose to leave whenever it suits you.

Keep Learning, Whatever Your Level

The resources in the Thoughtful Leader membership are not targeted at a specific level of leader.

Whether you’re new to leadership or an experienced campaigner, you’ll have access to resources that will help your leadership.

So if you like the free content available from Thoughtful Leader, you can expect even better.

Group Call & Video Library

Every month, I’ll be holding group calls and recording new video content for the membership.

This means the library of useful information will just keep growing, and as a member, you’ll have access to all of it.

Standard Membership (Early-Bird Pricing)

AUD$30 50per month
  • Full Access to Online Courses, eBooks & Audiobooks
  • Exclusive Member Video Content
  • Group Q&A and Coaching Calls

Gold Membership (Early-Bird Pricing)

AUD$200 250per month
  • Full Access to Online Courses, eBooks & Audiobooks
  • Exclusive Member Video Content
  • Group Q&A and Coaching Calls
  • Private, 1:1 Coaching Channel with Ben

Register Your Details Below to Take Advantage of the Discounted Early-Bird Pricing.

The Membership Opens on 11th July 2022 – I’ll send you further details about how to join and claim your discount closer to the day.