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Resources to Help You Motivate Your Team

I used to think motivating a team was all about the big things.

You know, motivational speeches, charismatic leaders, big rewards or a lot of yelling.
Over time, I realised that you get the best, most consistent results, from creating an environment which leads to motivation.

Motivating people is hard. Many people would like to be doing something else other than work, so it is clearly a big challenge.

That’s why below, I’ve put together some resources to help you motivate you and your team. Try them out – I hope they can help you and your team.

Motivating Your Team for Improved Performance: The Audiobook

Motivation is not like flicking a switch. It’s not about the motivational speech or the big rewards.

It’s a framework, a way of operating, and it comes from how you set up your team environment and how you operate as a leader.

The Motivating Your Team Audiobook will help you learn tools and techniques to improve motivation in your team. A motivated team achieves more, and is a leader’s best friend. So click the button below to learn more!

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