Team Leadership Workshop

Team Leadership Workshop in Perth, Western Australia.

March 2017

Lead Better.

Are you a new or inexperienced team leader?

Everybody starts somewhere. This workshop will help you develop practical skills for leading your team.

Team collaborating

Do you lack confidence when leading your team?

A lack of confidence in your own leadership ability can indicate to others that you don’t have what it takes…even if that’s not the case!

Would you like tools and techniques to help you manage your team?

This workshop will give you tools and techniques to help you manage your team effectively. You don’t need complexity, you need simple, practical tools.

Team working

Would you like your team to have better morale?

Low morale often causes dysfunctional behaviour or increased turnover – two things that are best avoided.

Your team needs to work well together and to enjoy coming to work every day.

Leadership is one of the biggest factors influencing productivity and engagement within teams.

Can you afford not to be a better Team Leader?
People are depending on you!

Learn how to motivate your team

Ordering people around is not enough. Team members want to be involved, they want to feel like their work is important.

Learn key skills to help you motivate your team.

Make people accountable

You’re accountable for your team. However, your team members are also accountable for the work that they do. 

Learn the keys to keeping people accountable, to help them be more invested in their work.

Make better decisions and communicate

Leaders need to be able to make effective decisions and communicate effectively. Poor communication and a lack of decision making destroys productivity, and eventually ruins teams.

Clearly Define Roles

In your team, roles need to be clearly defined and communicated. Nothing causes confusion, frustration and inefficiency more than poorly defined team roles. Is your team set up for success? Or is it destined for mediocrity?

Understand your team

Your team is comprised of real people. They all have different needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Learn how to understand your team members, and to tailor your approach to cater for their unique requirements.

Dealing with challenges

Your leadership role will never be a smooth ride. Learn tools and techniques to effectively identify and address issues in your team.

Failing to address issues when they arise is a sure way to cause more problems in your team!

This full-day workshop will run in March 2017 at a cost of $250 per person.

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Picture of Ben Brearley

Ben Brearley is the founder of Thoughtful Leader and has seen first hand how bad team leadership affects morale, productivity and the ability for organisations to get value out of their teams.

Ben is an MBA graduate, leader and former management consultant who is passionate about developing thoughtful, effective leaders who care about their teams.

Ben is an experienced workshop facilitator, and has been leading teams for over 10 years within large and complex organisations in industries including Healthcare, Government, Utilities, Resources and Construction.

Ben has seen and personally experienced the good, the bad and the extremely ugly of leadership within a number of diverse projects and organisations, and can help you improve the way you lead your team.

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