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Many managers struggle leading their teams. Team members miss deadlines, take no ownership of their work and continue to blame others for poor performance. Sound familiar?

The problem is often lack of accountability.

Do you want to be able to start holding people accountable in your team?

Would you like to be able to trust that work will be done when and how you need it to be done?

Would you like to feel more comfortable tackling the difficult conversations about accountability in your team?

Imagine leading a high-performing team that takes real ownership of their work. It can happen for you.

Accountability and difficult conversations often go hand in hand, so I created the Team Accountability eBook pack to help you:

  • Spot the key issues that show that you have an accountability problem in your team, and be able to fix them!
  • Build accountability into the way your team runs, to improve performance
  • Encourage team members to take on accountability, instead of just hoping it happens naturally; and
  • Prepare effectively for difficult accountability conversations, giving you the confidence to tackle them sensitively and with confidence.

Lead your team with confidence, improve accountability and stop team issues from snowballing into large problems. Get the Team Accountability eBook pack today!

What You Get In the Team Accountability eBook Pack

The Team Accountability eBook pack contains two of my popular eBooks in the standard PDF format, and includes exercises within each section to help you learn and apply the knowledge. Read more below to see the specific parts of the eBooks that are included with the product.

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Below is a snapshot of the content from the Team Accountability eBook pack. The eBooks are presented with high-quality graphics and an easy to use layout.

Happy Customers Are Saying…

“The part of my job that I hate is having hard conversations with my team, so I bought this eBook to see whether it would make any difference.I was having a particularly hard time with one person in my workplace. The tools in this eBook really helped me to have the productive conversations that got real results.

Nobody likes having difficult conversations, but the Difficult Conversations eBook helped me to prepare better for them, and I’m getting better results when I do need to address a problem in my team. Worth the investment!”

P. Myers, Supervisor

“Ben is very insightful about what takes place in the workplace. I found both of these eBooks to be very useful for putting structure around having hard conversations and building accountability with staff. The eBooks were also well written, at a reasonable price.”

Adrian Thibodeau, Manager

“The concepts in these eBooks are simple, but so effective. I found I could apply them easily to my team and I’m already seeing results after only a few weeks.

I understand much more about accountability and how I can use it as a tool to drive and motivate my team. It can work for you too, I encourage you to try it!

S. Hardman, Team Leader

About the Author

Ben Brearley is the founder of Thoughtful Leader and is a leader, manager, coach, MBA and former management consultant passionate about developing considerate, thoughtful and effective leaders.

Ben has been leading teams for more than 15 years and has seen what works and what doesn’t. Use Ben’s experience to improve your own leadership!

Ben Brearley

Note: This product is is a digital download (PDF file), which is compatible with any mobile phone, laptop or tablet device.




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The Team Accountability Pack

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Improve Accountability in Your Team with these two popular eBooks!

The Hold Your Team Accountable eBook

The Difficult Conversations eBook

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