Time Management Toolkit

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The Time Management Toolkit contains essential tools to help you save time and work more effectively.

The 10 tools in the Time Management toolkit are practical and easy to use. No complicated theory, just practical tools you need to take action today.

Each section includes a clear description of each tool, simple instructions explaining how to use it and additional worksheets to help you apply it to your situation.

Managing your time just got easier – get the Time Management Toolkit today!


Essential Tools That Save You Time

Like you, many leaders struggle with their workload. You have too much to do, and not enough time.

The Time Management Toolkit will teach you to handle your workload better with simple, practical techniques and exercises.

Download the Time Management Toolkit and spend less time fire-fighting, increase your self-confidence and reduce your stress levels.

Time is money. A small investment today will bring big rewards later.

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Spend Your Time On the Important Things

Your time is valuable. You need to spend it wisely.

If the Time Management Toolkit saves you just 1 hour per week, this is the equivalent of 7 average working days per year!

What will you do with the time you save?

What You Get In the Time Management Toolkit

Download Your Free Sample Tool!

Easy to Follow Instructions & Worksheets

Each tool contains clear, easy to follow instructions and helpful worksheets so you can get the best results.

Time Management Toolkit - Instructions Page

Simple, Intuitive Layout

The Time Management Toolkit is designed to be simple and easy to use. Each section is clearly laid out with high quality graphics to improve readability.

Time Management Toolkit - Instructions Page

Happy Customers Are Saying…

The Thoughtful Leader is true to his name. As an employee who has recently returned back to work after a second maternity leave, I have found this toolkit incredibly useful in managing both my work and home time. The Motivation & Procrastination and Saying No sections particularly resonated with me.

It is well worth spending the time organising your thoughts and tasks, making a plan and making this investment in your own time. My quality of work has increased and time has freed up more than I thought would be possible.

The Thoughtful Leaders goals of reducing stress, being more productive and improving yourself and team have been met and I am certain this system will continue to work for me, my colleagues and my family. Thank you for the wisdom offered and providing invaluable information in a clear and thoughtful manner.

I. Jurcic, Document Controller Team Lead, Perth, Australia

What stood out for me were the easy to use experience-based tools on how to my time management skills. But when it came to practical application, I wondered how reading one eBook could help me change my well-developed habits?

The progress I’ve experienced exceeded my expectations. It became clear that what I needed was a simple framework and tools that I can apply every day to become more effective in my job. The rewards have been countless – more time to plan and focus on my team rather than just filling my day with trivial tasks and fire-fighting.

I highly recommend the Time Management Toolkit – invest in yourself and you will be amazed with the results!

K. Conner, Change Manager, Perth, Australia

This toolkit really helped me remove distractions. I now spend more time with my team and we are getting better every day!

M. Peters, Team Leader, Sacramento, USA

About the Author

Ben Brearley BSc BCM MBA
Ben Brearley BSc BCM MBATime Management Toolkit Author
Ben Brearley is the creator of ThoughtfulLeader and is a leader, manager, MBA and consultant passionate about developing considerate, thoughtful and effective leaders.

Ben has been leading teams for more than 15 years in many different industries and organisations. He has seen what works and what doesn’t and he can help you too.

“I’ve been in several roles earlier in my career which had me feeling overwhelmed and lacking confidence, and I’ve coached many leaders who have been in the same situation.

Over time, I’ve learned what works and I started spending my time effectively. This gave me more time to focus on developing and leading my teams, rather than just being bogged down in menial tasks.

Using my experience I’ve created a toolkit which will help you too. No complicated theory, just simple, practical tools and resources that will improve the way you manage your time.

I’m confident it will help you. If I’m wrong, get your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.”
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