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Tackle the Difficult Conversations With Confidence and Achieve Real Results

Being able to tackle the difficult conversations for performance or behaviour issues is a critical skill for any leader. This actually helps your team members in the long run. Sometimes, you need to be there to have the tough conversations, for your team’s long-term development.

This eBook will teach you how to:

  • Identify the need to have a difficult conversation
  • Prepare for a difficult conversation and
  • Carry out a difficult conversation and get results.

This eBook contains practical advice you can apply to your role today. Also included are handy worksheets to help you prepare, deliver and then improve the way you have difficult conversations when you need to.

Here is just one example of a customer who benefited from the Difficult Conversations eBook:

“I was having a particularly hard time with one person in my workplace. The tools in this eBook really helped me to have the productive conversations that got real results.”

It can work for you too. Stop your small issues from snowballing into large problems and be a better leader for your team. Get the Difficult Conversations eBook today!

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Difficult conversations at work are necessary in every workplace around the globe.

Unfortunately, leaders and managers are not having as many of these conversations as they need to be having. In order to support your team members and assist their development, you need to be able to tackle the tough issues.

If you don’t handle the difficult conversations, you are doing your team a disservice! Many leaders avoid tackling the difficult conversations, because of the discomfort and anxiety that comes from solving the hardest problems.

From performance discussions, to behavioural and personal hygiene issues, difficult conversations at work are critical. They prevent your small problems from snowballing into large issues.

Spot Difficult Conversations at Work and Learn to Handle Them Effectively

This eBook will help you to identify difficult conversations that you need to be having to move forward.

This eBook also enables you to prepare for difficult conversations at work. Including how to get your mindset right and handle the strong emotions that you may experience during a difficult conversation.

The Difficult Conversations eBook contains practical, actionable information in an easy to use format.

This eBook also contains simple, practical exercises you can use to prepare for and work through your difficult conversations.

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What Some Happy Customers Are Saying

The part of my job that I hate is having hard conversations with my team, so I bought this eBook to see whether it would make any difference.

I was having a particularly hard time with one person in my workplace. The tools in this eBook really helped me to have the productive conversations that got real results.

Nobody likes having difficult conversations, but the Difficult Conversations eBook helped me to prepare better for them, and I’m getting better results when I do need to address a problem in my team. Worth the investment!

P. Myers, Supervisor, Idaho Falls, USA

Ben is very insightful about what actually takes place in the workplace. I find the leadership guides to be very useful and well written, at a reasonable price.

Adrian Thibodeau, Bellatrx, Canada
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The Difficult Conversations eBook Can Help You. Here’s How.

After reading this eBook, you will be able to:

  • Understand why difficult conversations are so important
  • Identify the need for difficult conversations at work, or in your team
  • Understand the different types of challenging conversations that you may need to have
  • Prepare effectively for difficult conversations. This includes getting in the right mindset, gathering factual evidence, processing your emotions and acknowledging your own part in the problem
  • Undertake difficult conversations more easily and sensitively
  • Better handle emotional reactions during a difficult conversation at work.

Don’t Delay, Support Your Team and Get the Difficult Conversations eBook Today!

Ben Brearley BSc BCM MBA
Ben Brearley BSc BCM MBAFounder of Thoughtful Leader
Ben Brearley is the creator of ThoughtfulLeader and is a leader, manager, MBA and consultant passionate about developing considerate, thoughtful and effective leaders.

Ben has been leading teams for more than 15 years in many different industries and organisations. He has seen what works and what doesn’t and he can help you too.

“Having the hard conversations is one of the most difficult parts of leadership and management.

But if you don’t have them when you need to, small issues can spiral out of control until you have huge problems on your hands. Sometimes your team members need to have a tough conversation. In the long run, this is often beneficial for their development.

If you are a leader who struggles with the difficult conversations, this eBook can help you.

Start tackling the tough conversations with your team today, and see real results.”

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