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Leadership can be stressful. Sometimes we feel like we want to have all the answers, when the reality is that our workplaces can be full of ambiguity and uncertainty.

In an effort to gain control of their team and guide them in the right direction, some leaders will try to grip on tighter. They feel like if they don’t, they’ll lose control and everything will go wrong.

Well… what if I told you that the opposite is true? That you should in fact force yourself to let go, stand back and let your team take on more of the accountability?

In this episode I cover the importance of understanding what you can control and what you can’t, as well as the key reasons why letting go will help you actually feel more in control of what is happening in your team.

The Sphere of Control

You can see the Sphere of Control shown below – use it to understand what to focus on… and what you’re wasting time worrying about!

Sphere of Influence 2

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Share this post with other Thoughtful Leaders!