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I’ve worked in many organisations where leaders are still running on the hamster wheel of work. These leaders treat themselves poorly, without taking breaks or doing anything else to support their wellbeing at work.

There are a few problems here – perception is one of them. Some leaders think that if they are perceived as hard-working or never taking a break, people will think they are better leaders… wrong!

When I see someone who can’t take a break and keeps putting themselves second all the time, I see someone who has their priorities wrong and needs a wake-up call.

Your health and wellbeing is important if you’re going to lead other people, because you can’t help anyone when you’re stressed, run-down and not thinking straight. In this episode, I cover some of my top, very simple strategies to improve your workplace wellbeing so you can be there to support your team.

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Share this post with other Thoughtful Leaders!