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Working “In the Grey” is a term used to describe a situation where we don’t have all the answers.

We might be embarking on a project that we’ve never tried before or trying to solve a problem we’re just not that familiar with. This is a fairly common situation as the business landscape is changing rapidly, with technology advances giving rise to new forms of competition and disruption.

The recent pandemic is another good example of working in the grey as many organisations suddenly needed to find out how they were going to remain productive while working with a completely remote team.

In my consulting career I had to do this often. When I started a new consulting project, if I’d never worked for the client before, I was unfamiliar with the organisation and their problem. But I couldn’t take a long time to figure it out… I had to get cracking straight away!

In this episode I cover lots of useful tips for working in the grey and succeeding. And once you’ve succeeded working with uncertainty a few times, you’ll feel much more confident to lead your team through it again!


Share this post with other Thoughtful Leaders!