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In this episode I talk about a question I received from someone asking advice about having an insecure boss. Many of us have bad bosses at one time or another, so it’s an important question for both leaders and team members alike!

I give my thoughts on what to do in this situation and how you can try to make a shift in your manager’s behaviour by putting on your “scientist hat” and experimenting with different approaches.

The original question was:

“My manager is extremely insecure, and he has good reason to be. He is supervising people who are smarter than him and better than him at everything that falls within the scope of work we are performing. He compensates for his lack of legitimate leadership capabilities by exercising arbitrary authority over us regularly to remind us that he is in charge. What can unlucky subordinates do to improve their situation when they find themselves under the thumb of a hopelessly incompetent leader?”


Share this post with other Thoughtful Leaders!