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Daily commitments are a powerful tool that I use with some of my coaching clients. Commitments are a great way to shift mindset and help you show up the way you want to every day.

For leaders this is extremely valuable, because we are often in challenging situations where our people are relying on us to remain calm, composed and motivated. After all, we want to role model the right behaviours!

In this episode, I discuss the benefits of daily commitments, how you can develop some for yourself and then what to do with them. Try them out, they can make a big difference to your mindset and create a better tone for your day.

Daily Commitment Questions:

“If I reached the end of my life, what is something I would regret if I hadn’t done it?”

“How do I want to be each day at work (or home, or wherever)?”

“What behaviour, mindset or attitude will help me to reach my goals?”

“What do I want to be really proud of, in my role / in my life / at the end of my life?”

Coaching,ConceptBook Your Discovery Coaching Session

I invite you to a 90-minute Discovery Coaching Session, where we will:

  • Get clear on your most important goals and what is most important to you
  • Identify blockers and limiting beliefs that are holding you back; and
  • Develop key actions you can take to move forward and make progress.

You will leave the Discovery Coaching Session with a sense of clarity, purpose and practical steps to move you forward.

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