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Ever struggled working in a tough role in a challenging workplace? How about working for a horrible boss? If the answer is yes, then this episode is for you!

This week, I interview Reshad Oberlander, an experienced leader and host of the excellent Weekly Leadership Experience podcast. In this interview, Reshad shares his experience working in toxic workplaces, and how he has managed to bounce back and keep leading despite the setbacks.

Reshad is a leadership super junkie with more than 17 years of award-winning leadership experience in a number of industries. He hosts the podcast “The Weekly Leadership Experience” where he shares content designed to challenge, inspire, and grow your leadership.

Reshad wants to help leaders grow themselves and their teams to be more effective and avoid the mistakes in leadership that he has made or seen. Reshad is a “Canameristralian” and lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife, two daughters, and Zeus the Weimaraner.

Check out Reshad’s podcast at the link below – as well as the links to resources we discussed during the episode!

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