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Do you ever wish your team members were more resilient? You know, putting up with the problems and striving forward with even greater motivation? 

Well, it’s not enough to wish people were more resilient. And you can’t just blame them for feeling bad in a chaotic and complex work environment. Leaders need to set the right conditions for resilience to happen.

In this episode, I talk about some of the key ways that I believe you can create resilience in a team, and have your people feeling more able to cope with the challenges that come.

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I invite you to a 90-minute Discovery Coaching Session, where we will:

  • Get clear on your most important goals and what is most important to you
  • Identify blockers and limiting beliefs that are holding you back; and
  • Develop key actions you can take to move forward and make progress.

You will leave the Discovery Coaching Session with a sense of clarity, purpose and practical steps to move you forward.

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