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The sad reality in many workplaces is that leaders keep working harder and for longer, putting the needs of their organisations and bosses ahead of their own. Self-care is critical for leaders, because you will never be able to support or lead anyone effectively if your own mindset is not where it should be.

In this episode, I cover some of the problems I see in our workplaces, why leaders don’t look after themselves, and of course some good ways to look after your own self-care. This is the last episode for 2020, so I want to help you head into 2021 with a great frame of mind for you to be able to create a positive lasting difference in your workplace.

If you are interested in leadership coaching to give yourself a great start to 2021, you can contact me here. I would love to hear from you and have a conversation about how I can help.

You can read more about my leadership coaching services here: Leadership Coaching 👈

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Share this post with other Thoughtful Leaders!