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Build the confidence to lead, strengthen your resilience and be a role model for your team.

The 6-week Leadership Confidence Coaching Program is perfect for leaders and managers who want to feel more comfortable and confident in leading their teams and handling difficult workplace situations.

This program is great for individual leaders investing in their own development, or it can be run as a group program to build skills and confidence together.

Confident leaders take workplace challenges in their stride and set an example for the people around them. This program will help you or your team build the confidence to do that.

This Program consists of 3 online course modules and 3 x 1-hour personal coaching sessions to make sure you get the right results to help you build confidence in your situation.

USD $449

The program enrolments have now closed. The next Program will commence in the second half of 2020.  Register your interest using the form below.

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Interested in individual or group coaching, without the online material? Try my regular leadership coaching services here instead.

Comments from Happy Customers

“I would definitely recommend this program to new or existing leaders and managers. In particular, Ben’s feedback and coaching session summaries are very useful and helped me immensely to stay on track.”

Bernard N., Operations Manager, Canada

I found out that the program was about more than just confidence. One of my challenges was regarding time management, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that this was one of Ben’s strengths too! Everything was laid out at the end of each session with clear expectations and the accountability was also there during the following session.

Riley B., Manager, Michigan USA

Even though I have been in leadership for a number of years, I was able to take away new strategies not only for myself, but for the leadership around me. I felt like I had constructive items to take away from each session. It was also nice to spend time on self-reflection, which is something that most people don’t regularly prioritize.

Alisha M., Director, Michigan USA

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Hi, I’m Ben Brearley and I’ve been leading and coaching teams for more than 15 years.

I’ve created the Leadership Confidence Coaching Program to help you lead with confidence and create a better workplace for your team.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Feel more confident and comfortable when leading and managing people
  • Be more resilient to handle challenges in your team and workplace; and
  • Build the confidence to do what you know is right.

… then this Coaching Program is for you!

In this Coaching Program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of confidence, why it matters and identifying the times when your confidence is lowest
  • Building a confident mindset, creating positive self-talk and using worry and self-doubt to your advantage
  • Dealing with insecurity and learning to get out of your comfort zone… safely; and
  • How to communicate confidently, push back on unreasonable demands and confidently have the difficult conversations that you sometimes need to.

This Program also includes 3 x 1-hour individual online coaching sessions with me, which will help hold you accountable for achieving results and overcoming your specific individual challenges.

How the Leadership Coaching Program Works:

Note: Each 1-hour online coaching session is scheduled at a suitable time during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does the Online Coaching Work?2020-03-16T06:49:58+08:00

The program includes 3 x 1-hour individual coaching sessions which aim to help you improve your leadership confidence when combined with the online lessons.

These sessions most often focus on removing barriers and overcoming challenges that reduce your confidence – which could include many different aspects of leadership.

For example, we might discuss topics like team motivation or time management – it really depends on your situation and the best way to help you build confidence and remove barriers.

At the end of our coaching sessions, it’s common for us to develop actions that you’ll undertake to move forward and improve. We’ll also keep in touch until the next coaching session so I can check on the progress of your actions (the accountability factor – which is very important!) and you can ask any questions.

What You Need for the Online Coaching

The individual sessions will be held using Zoom, which is an online video conferencing platform.

You don’t need any special software (it is accessed through a website), but you will need access to a computer / laptop / tablet with an internet connection, camera and microphone or headphones. The best place to do the coaching is somewhere quiet, where you won’t be interrupted.

It’s up to you whether we use video or just audio for the coaching – some people prefer audio-only while others like the face-to-face aspect of using video. Both methods are effective, so I leave the choice up to you.

Note: If we have complications with the Zoom service, my backup is to use Skype.

How Do I Complete the Online Part of the Program?2020-03-16T06:47:38+08:00

The online modules are hosted through Teachable, my online learning platform. You’ll be given access when the program commences.

Each module is progressively activated as you move through the 6 weeks, so you’ll get access to each module in Week 1, 3 and 5 respectively.

Using this platform, you’ll be able to access everything you need to complete the exercises and you can also leave comments and ask questions along the way.

Teachable saves your progress as you go, and you can go at your own pace. However, each week it’s important that you complete the appropriate module which helps to feed the online coaching session.

How long do I need to spend on the Program each week?2020-03-06T07:05:54+08:00

This depends on the week.

In weeks 1, 3 and 5, you will work on completing the online lessons for the program. This consists of watching the short videos and completing the exercises. Some of the exercises involve bringing the course material into your day to day working life and trying things out, so these can take longer. These exercises also help you prepare for the upcoming coaching sessions and provide me with valuable input to help me understand your situation.

The exercises also involve some self-reflection, which I feel is a very important part of building confidence. So slow down, take your time and don’t rush! In weeks 1, 3 and 5 I expect you to spend a maximum of 5 hours each week, but it shouldn’t be more than that.

During the coaching weeks 2, 4 and 6, you only really need to spend 1 hour with me during our coaching session for that week.

However, each coaching session will most likely result in you carrying out actions during the next 2 weeks (until the next coaching session) which will help you progress. These actions will vary in effort – it really depends what challenges or goals we’re working on.

Isn’t confidence different for everyone? How do you cater for this?2020-03-06T06:56:09+08:00

Great question! Yes, people feel a lack of confidence for many reasons – there really is no “one size fits all” solution for building confidence.

However, this program starts by setting a foundation for building confidence. The first two modules focus on understanding confidence and doing a self-assessment of where you’re at – and the third module gives you specific tools for handling different situations, such as handling difficult conversations, for example.

The coaching sessions are the part where we start to drive the most value – because this is where we can talk about your individual challenges or areas for improvement and work on them.

So in short, the online course part of the program sets the foundations and the baseline knowledge – while the coaching part tackles the individual issues or goals that are specific to you. In total, this creates a powerful way to improve your confidence.

Can this Program really improve my confidence?2020-03-06T06:51:23+08:00

Obviously, improving confidence takes time and repetition. That is, trying new things, failing and succeeding. Some people grow in confidence faster than others.

This program takes you through a series of exercises and coaching sessions which help you to:

  • Identify the areas which cause you to feel vulnerable (where you lack confidence)
  • Identify areas where you’d like to be better – to improve your performance
  • Work on your personal challenges and identify strategies to overcome them
  • Develop strategies to improve your resilience and strengthen your mindset for the future.

In other words, this program sets you a foundation for building confidence. Yes, you will feel more confident and in-control after the 6 week program, but you will also have tools and techniques to help you move forward and improve even further after the program is over!

Personal Coaching For Your Situation

You will get 3 online coaching sessions, which are tailored to help you overcome your own individual challenges.

In the online lessons, you can add comments and questions in each lesson, so I can also provide individual support.

Short Video Lessons

The online portion of this course consists of short video lessons in 3 modules, covering all the important aspects of Leadership Confidence.

This is all reinforced by the coaching sessions to help you apply the information.


You’ll learn best when you feel accountable for doing the work and achieving the outcomes.

The coaching sessions included in this course will help to hold you accountable and make sure you get results!

After every coaching session, I compile a summary of the outcomes and actions for the session and check in with you to help you complete your actions.

Module 1: Foundations & Understanding Self.

This module covers the foundations of self-confidence and we dive into your own experience with self-confidence. Specifically, we cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to the components of self-confidence and I introduce my story of transition from low confidence to confident leader
  • Why confidence is so critical for leaders, their teams and workplaces
  • Your personal experience and identifying the times and situations when you feel least confident, including your perceived weaknesses
  • Resilience, and the link between confidence and resilience
  • The importance of your environment for being able to achieve self-confidence.

1.0: Introduction and Overview: A short overview and introduction to the Leadership Confidence Online Course. 

1.1: How Self-Confidence Builds : A summary of how self-confidence can build over time. 

1.2: A Story of Lost Confidence: A demonstration of how a lack of confidence can damage your leadership and your career.

1.3: Why Leadership Confidence Really Matters: We identify the many ways that confidence helps our teams, our workplaces and our own careers.

1.4: Components of Self-Confidence: We cover the main parts of self-confidence and what they mean for you, as well as the main reasons why people are likely to feel unconfident.

1.5: Resilience and Confidence: This lesson explains the concept of resilience, and how confidence leads to being more resilient. We also bust a common misconception about resilience!

1.6: Strengths, Weaknesses and Your Confidence Triggers: Leaders aren’t good at everything. That’s why we need to dive into our own strengths and weaknesses and use them to our advantage.

1.7. Your Environment: The environment and surroundings you live and work in can have a dramatic effect on your confidence levels. In this lesson we examine some of these and look at ways to improve your situation.

1.8: Conclusion and Focus Areas: Summarises the module and identifies your focus areas, leading into the first personal coaching session.

Module 2: Building a Confident Mindset.

This module works on building your greatest tool and your biggest ally – your own mindset.

We look at self-talk, negativity, self-awareness and how to use self-doubt and worrying to your advantage. We also look at how to stay calm at work and to understand and limit our insecurities.

Last, but not least, we cover how to venture out of your comfort zone… safely, and how it leads to big results.

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2.0: Introduction: A quick walkthrough of the module and the lessons within.

2.1: Self-Talk and Negativity: How negative self-talk can impact your leadership, and some simple ways to combat the bad thoughts.

2.2: Improve Your Emotional Intelligence to Grow Your Confidence: How your Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness affects your confidence and how you can improve them.

2.3: Worrying & Self-Doubt: All leaders worry, and that’s OK. But we need to stop your worries and self-doubts damaging your confidence and your leadership. This lesson will help you do this.

2.4: Staying Calm at Work: We look at some good ways to stay calm, when you’re starting to feel stressed or out of your depth. Calm leaders appear more confident, competent and help other people feel safe.

2.5: Long-Term Thinking: Short-term thinking leads to bad leadership. In this lesson, I introduce a simple trick that I use to propel myself into action, even when I’m feeling low on confidence.

2.6: Your Comfort Zone: Good things can happen when you leave your comfort zone. But if things go wrong, your confidence can go backwards. Here, we look at how you can leave your comfort zone safely, to get great results.

Team creativity and inclusiveness - Confident leadership

Module 3: Confidence Toolkit

In this module, we introduce a bunch of great tools and techniques to help you build confident leadership behaviours.

This will give you the resources to handle some of the most common challenges that leaders face.

Then you can walk forward with your head held high.

3.0: Introduction: A brief introduction to the module and what’s coming up.

3.1: Confident Communication – Preparation: We look at why communication matters for confidence, and cover some great ways that you can prepare to communicate more confidently. 

3.2: Confident Communication – In the Moment: This lesson covers the important aspects to consider when communicating when you’re in the thick of it.

3.3: The Importance of Difficult Conversations: In this lesson, we look at why difficult conversations are so important for leaders and why they really are so difficult.

3.4: Preparing for Difficult Conversations: Difficult conversations are needed in the workplace, but they can have leaders running for cover. Learn how to prepare for the tough conversations in your leadership role.

3.5: Executing Difficult Conversations: This lesson covers how to have the difficult conversation after you’ve done the critical preparation work.

3.6: Pushing Back and Saying “No”: This lesson will give you some great ways to push back on people and say “No”. This is a critical leadership skill, and leaders who are low on confidence will struggle with this. Don’t let it be you.

3.7: Decision-Making: In this lesson, we cover good, bad and wrong decisions and some ways to improve your chances of making effective decisions in your role.

3.8: The Importance of Options In Confidence: This lesson covers why having options is so important for leadership confidence – even if they never have to use them.

3.9: Wrap Up: We wrap up the program and prepare for the final coaching session!

Program enrolments have now closed. The next Program will commence in the second half of 2020.

To register your interest for the next round, please enter your email address below.