Build the confidence to lead, strengthen your resilience and be a role model for your team.

The 6-week Leadership Confidence Coaching Program is perfect for leaders and managers who want to feel more comfortable and confident in leading their teams and handling difficult workplace situations.

You can be a more confident leader, take workplace challenges in your stride and set an example for the people around you. This program will help you build the confidence to do that.

This Program consists of 3 online course modules and 3 x 1-hour personal coaching sessions to make sure you get the right results to help you build confidence in your situation.

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Hi, I’m Ben Brearley and I’ve been leading and coaching teams for more than 15 years.

I’ve created the Leadership Confidence Coaching Program to help you lead with confidence and create a better workplace for your team.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • Feel more confident and comfortable when leading and managing people
  • Be more resilient to handle challenges in your team and workplace; and
  • Build the confidence to do what you know is right.

… then this Coaching Program is for you!

In this Coaching Program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of confidence, why it matters and identifying the times when your confidence is lowest
  • Building a confident mindset, creating positive self-talk and using worry and self-doubt to your advantage
  • Dealing with insecurity and learning to get out of your comfort zone… safely; and
  • How to communicate confidently, push back on unreasonable demands and confidently have the difficult conversations that you sometimes need to.

This Program also includes 3 personal 1-hour online coaching sessions with me, which will help hold you accountable for achieving results and overcome your specific individual challenges.

How the Leadership Coaching Program Works:

Note: Each 1-hour online coaching session is scheduled at a suitable time during the week.

Personal Coaching For Your Situation

You will get 3 online coaching sessions, which are tailored to help you overcome your own individual challenges.

In the online lessons, you can add comments and questions in each lesson, so I can also provide individual support.

Short Video Lessons

The online portion of this course consists of short video lessons in 3 modules, covering all the important aspects of Leadership Confidence.

This is all reinforced by the coaching sessions to help you apply the information.


You’ll learn best when you feel accountable for doing the work and achieving the outcomes.

The coaching sessions included in this course will help to hold you accountable and make sure you get results!

Money-Back Guarantee

This course comes with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, simply contact me to get your money back.

Module 1: Foundations & Understanding Self.

This module covers the foundations of self-confidence and we dive into your own experience with self-confidence. Specifically, we cover the following topics:

  • An introduction to the components of self-confidence and I introduce my story of transition from low confidence to confident leader
  • Why confidence is so critical for leaders, their teams and workplaces
  • Your personal experience and identifying the times and situations when you feel least confident, including your perceived weaknesses
  • Resilience, and the link between confidence and resilience
  • The importance of your environment for being able to achieve self-confidence.

1.0: Introduction and Overview: A short overview and introduction to the Leadership Confidence Online Course. 

1.1: How Self-Confidence Builds : A summary of how self-confidence can build over time. 

1.2: A Story of Lost Confidence: A demonstration of how a lack of confidence can damage your leadership and your career.

1.3: Why Leadership Confidence Really Matters: We identify the many ways that confidence helps our teams, our workplaces and our own careers.

1.4: Components of Self-Confidence: We cover the main parts of self-confidence and what they mean for you, as well as the main reasons why people are likely to feel unconfident.

1.5: Resilience and Confidence: This lesson explains the concept of resilience, and how confidence leads to being more resilient. We also bust a common misconception about resilience!

1.6: Strengths, Weaknesses and Your Confidence Triggers: Leaders aren’t good at everything. That’s why we need to dive into our own strengths and weaknesses and use them to our advantage.

1.7. Your Environment: The environment and surroundings you live and work in can have a dramatic effect on your confidence levels. In this lesson we examine some of these and look at ways to improve your situation.

1.8: Conclusion and Focus Areas: Summarises the module and identifies your focus areas, leading into the first personal coaching session.

Module 2: Building a Confident Mindset.

This module works on building your greatest tool and your biggest ally – your own mindset.

We look at self-talk, negativity, self-awareness and how to use self-doubt and worrying to your advantage. We also look at how to stay calm at work and to understand and limit our insecurities.

Last, but not least, we cover how to venture out of your comfort zone… safely, and how it leads to big results.

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2.0: Introduction: A quick walkthrough of the module and the lessons within.

2.1: Self-Talk and Negativity: How negative self-talk can impact your leadership, and some simple ways to combat the bad thoughts.

2.2: Improve Your Emotional Intelligence to Grow Your Confidence: How your Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness affects your confidence and how you can improve them.

2.3: Worrying & Self-Doubt: All leaders worry, and that’s OK. But we need to stop your worries and self-doubts damaging your confidence and your leadership. This lesson will help you do this.

2.4: Staying Calm at Work: We look at some good ways to stay calm, when you’re starting to feel stressed or out of your depth. Calm leaders appear more confident, competent and help other people feel safe.

2.5: Long-Term Thinking: Short-term thinking leads to bad leadership. In this lesson, I introduce a simple trick that I use to propel myself into action, even when I’m feeling low on confidence.

2.6: Your Comfort Zone: Good things can happen when you leave your comfort zone. But if things go wrong, your confidence can go backwards. Here, we look at how you can leave your comfort zone safely, to get great results.

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Module 3: Confident Behaviours

In this module, we introduce a bunch of great tools and techniques to help you build confident leadership behaviours.

This will give you the resources to handle some of the most common challenges that leaders face.

Then you can walk forward with your head held high.

3.0: Introduction: A brief introduction to the module and what’s coming up.

3.1: Confident Communication: We look at why communication matters for confidence, and cover some great ways that you can use to communicate more confidently. 

3.2: Handling Difficult Conversations: Difficult conversations are needed in the workplace, but they can have leaders running for cover. Learn how to prepare for and handle the tough conversations in your leadership role.

3.3: Pushing Back and Saying “No”: This lesson will give you some great ways to push back on people and say “No”. This is a critical leadership skill, and leaders who are low on confidence will struggle with this. Don’t let it be you.

3.4: Delegating & Maintaining Oversight: Many leaders used to be the “doers”. This lesson looks at how leaders can delegate and maintain oversight with confidence and without micromanagement, when they can no longer stay involved in all the detail. 

3.5: Coaching Pre-work: We introduce the pre-work for your final personal coaching session.