From Stressed, Overworked & Overwhelmed to Calm, Confident & In-Control

If you’re a thoughtful leader, you probably focus on others first, and put yourself last. This leads to overwork, overwhelm and feeling like you’ll never get on top of your workload.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Work and life shouldn’t be about always doing more.

We need to focus on the right things and ditch the rest. We need to safeguard our wellbeing, so we can show up as the best leaders for our people.

After you complete this Group Coaching Program, you will:

  • Be able to set clear boundaries to help you prevent overwork and burnout
  • Experience a greater sense of control over your work environment
  • Feel better equipped to negotiate or push back on overwhelming demands; and
  • Be in a better place to support your people.

In this program, you won’t go it alone. You’ll work with other leaders who are facing similar challenges.

If this sounds like something you need, then apply for a place in the program today.

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Coaching Program Summary

Interested in making a positive change? Here’s a quick snapshot of the Group Coaching Program.

Session Themes

Each of our Group Coaching sessions will have a theme to set the scene for the conversation and focus our effort.

Start Date, Session Times & Cost

The program start date and available session times are shown below. Once you choose a session time, you keep that time for the duration of the program.

This Program Commences in the week of the 23rd August 2021.

Applications close on the 13th August 2021.

There are two groups – the available coaching session times are:

The cost for the Group Coaching Program is AUD$1,900. This is to be paid prior to commencement of the coaching sessions.

*Note: For Australian participants, 10% GST also applies for a total of $2,090.

How to Apply

To apply to be a part of the group coaching, please follow the simple steps below.
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About Your Coach

Ben Brearley is the founder of Thoughtful Leader and is an experienced leader, AIPC and PRINT® certified coach, MBA and former management consultant who has worked in a variety of leadership roles and industries.

Ben is passionate about helping leaders build confidence, reduce stress and feel better about leading their people. He can help you too.

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Ben Brearley

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some further details to help you decide whether the program is right for you, and how you can get involved.

Applications close on the 13th August 2021.

For this intake I am running two groups.

This means there are up to 4 places available in each group – only 8 in total.

So get your application in quick!

Group coaching is a great alternative to individual coaching, because it allows you to learn from the experiences of other leaders during the process.

You’ll hear what works for them (and what doesn’t) and what challenges they are facing. You’ll start to share experiences and you won’t feel like you’re going it all alone.

As a thoughtful leader, it can be easy to get stuck inside your own head, overthinking things. The interaction of the group and sharing of experiences can help to shift that thinking, which can lead to great breakthroughs!

Lastly, group coaching also gives you an opportunity to share your experience with other leaders. Not only are you benefiting from the program, you’re helping others improve their situation too. Everybody has a unique perspective to share.

No – once you have selected a group, you’ll stay with this group for the remainder of the program.

Yes – everything we discuss within each coaching session is confidential – not to be shared with others outside of the coaching.

Yes – there is a Coaching Agreement which I use with all my clients, both individual and in groups. This is simple and should not be a cause for concern. I use this to help set expectations about coaching before anyone starts working with me.

The agreement outlines:

  • What coaching is (compared to other professions such as therapy)
  • Confidentiality of the sessions
  • How the coaching works.

Before we start any group coaching sessions, all participants will need to confirm that they accept the agreement.

Obviously best results will be achieved for you and others in the group if you make a commitment to attending every session.

However, if you miss more than one session, we can discuss refunding a portion of the coaching fees based on the sessions you weren’t able to attend.

There will definitely be times when you need to listen – a big part of group coaching is about listening to others as I facilitate the coaching process.

However, you will need to be open and honest and share information too. This will help both you and others get the benefits.

In these sessions, I aim to create a safe space where leaders can privately interact, share experience and learn from each other during the coaching process.

Places Are Limited – Apply Now