In our 90 minute Discovery Coaching Session, I’ll ask you a lot of questions about your current situation and we’ll discover what is really important for you. This includes the current challenges you would like to overcome or the goals you would like to achieve. We’ll take a look at your ideal future and start plotting a path for you to get there.

I will also discuss with you my initial observations and point out the areas where I think we need to focus our effort so you can get the best results.

I only take on clients who are committed to making positive change, like to communicate openly and honestly, and are willing to invest in their own development, which is why I need potential clients to fill out the Coaching Application Form by clicking the button below.

If you find the Discovery Coaching Session valuable, we can also discuss future coaching and what that might look like. Many of my clients go on to get great results after the initial session because they can feel the benefits.