Yes, I will provide a coaching agreement for you to sign. In summary, the coaching agreement contains:

  • The details of the coaching period and how often we will meet
  • Confidentiality provisions about how I will deal with information provided during the sessions
  • The price of the coaching as well as payment terms (unless this is a complimentary session)
  • The policy to reschedule or cancel coaching sessions
  • Ownership of any intellectual property generated; and
  • Details of the legal jurisdiction that would govern any disputes or claims.

I use the coaching agreement in all of my coaching engagements, so that there are no surprises. I have never had any issues with clients where there has been a dispute, but the contract exists in the very rare case that this might occur.

This is nothing to be nervous about – it simply describes the basics of our agreement so that we can get on with the real work – which is to help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.