If you’ve chosen the coaching package, you’ll also receive 3 x 1-hour individual coaching sessions which aim to help you overcome your specific time management challenges, alongside the online course material.

When you enrol, I will work with you to determine the best time to complete the sessions. Usually I find that it works better if you complete the online course material first, and then we have the coaching sessions to work through any challenges you have.

At the end of the coaching session, it’s common to develop actions that you’ll undertake to move forward and improve your effectiveness. We’ll also keep in touch throughout the coaching sessions so I can check on the progress of your actions (the accountability factor – which is very important!), you can ask any questions and get any additional support you need.

Scheduling the Coaching Session

I live in Australia, so I might be in a different timezone than you. However, I have successfully coached clients from different countries (including within the UK, Europe and the USA) and this has never been a problem.

I use an online booking system which allows you to select multiple appointment options, so we can schedule a time that will suit both of us. The online system is very easy to use and always makes it easier to align our busy calendars!

I often perform coaching sessions outside of normal business hours, so I’m sure I will be able to accommodate your schedule.

What You Need for the Online Coaching

The coaching sessions will be held using Zoom, which is an online video conferencing platform.

You don’t need any special software (it is accessed through a website), but you will need access to a computer / laptop / tablet with an internet connection, camera and microphone or headphones. The best place to do the coaching is somewhere quiet, where you won’t be interrupted and you can focus your full attention.

It’s up to you whether we use video or just audio for the coaching – some people prefer audio-only while others like the face-to-face aspect of using video. Both methods are effective, so I leave the choice up to you.

Note: If we have complications with the Zoom service, my backup is to use Skype or Google Meet.