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The Effective Leadership Audio Course

  • Reduce stress by learning simple prioritisation techniques to manage your workload
  • Learn how to manage up and push back effectively, to safeguard your time
  • Learn the skill of effective delegation, so work gets done right
  • Learn how to get the right people and skills, to reduce risk and create a high-performing team; and
  • Add more strategic tasks to your week to help your team improve and work smarter.

What Others Are Saying About the Course

“For far to long I got involved in tasks that didn’t bring much value but kept me busy, without realising that this prevented me from spending time with my team and ultimately limited my career.

What stood out for me were the easy to grasp experience-based hints on how to improve leadership effectiveness, particularly around time management. But when it came to practical application, I wondered how listening to one audio course could help me change my well-developed habits?

The progress I’ve experienced in the last few months exceeded my expectations. It became clear that what I needed was a simple framework that I can apply every day to become more effective in my job! The rewards have been countless – more time to plan and think about my job rather than just filling my day with busyness. I’ve started consciously choosing tasks that are important to my stakeholders and allocating time to strengthen my relationships.

All this by simply deciding not to do certain things – which was a massive challenge for me in the past. I could not recommend the audio book more – invest in yourself and you will be amazed with the results!”

– K Conner, Australia

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Don’t Just Be Busy. Improve Your Career By Being a More Effective Leader.

Great leaders and managers spend time improving their teams, by coaching and mentoring team members. They push back on low-value work and focus their energy on the most important tasks. These leaders are the ones who rise to the top and have great careers, because they develop high-performing teams.

If this sounds like the sort of leader you want to be, then the Effective Leadership Course is for you.

Get More Done, Be Productive and Progress Your Career

When you are an effective leader, you will have a happier team and be more productive. You’ll progress your career, because you’ll stand out from the rest. Why? Because you are spending time on what matters most.

The Effective Leadership Course contains five key aspects, that will change the way you lead your team, and make you better than the rest.

Effective Leadership Course prioritise

Don’t Live With Chaos. Learn Practical Techniques to Prioritize Your Workload.

You need to be focusing on the activities that provide the most value to your stakeholders and your team. Why waste time on trivial tasks, just because it’s the way you’ve always done them?

It’s time to take a step back, stop wasting your time and focus on what matters.

Effective Leadership Course strong

Be a Strong Leader. Learn to Push Back on Unreasonable People and Demands.

Many managers say “Yes” all the time. You know what happens next? They are overwhelmed with work and everyone thinks they are ineffective.

Don’t let that happen to you. Learn how to push back on unreasonable demands, in a way that still makes you seem like a team player.

Effective Leadership Course point

Delegate Like a Boss. So Work Gets Done Right.

Many leaders delegate tasks. But they don’t get done on time, or to the right level of quality.

If you’re going to be effective, you need to make sure the work gets done, with no fuss. The Effective Leadership Course will teach you how.

Effective Leadership Course team

Get the Right People, in the Right Roles, at the Right Time.

If your team has the wrong people, with the wrong skills, you’re sunk. This course will teach you how to resource your team properly.

Without your team, you’re nothing. So make sure you get it right. Reduce risk in your team, and build the right skills so you can hold your team accountable and do more, with less effort.

Effective Leadership Course strategy

Don’t Stagnate. Learn to Be Strategic and Keep Improving.

Are you improving? Or are you just standing still?

If you’re not getting better, you’re being left behind. Learn how to be more strategic and include improvement opportunities as a priority, every week.

If you want to advance your career, you can’t just be making up the numbers. You’ve got to be better than the rest.

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About the Author

Ben Brearley is the creator of ThoughtfulLeader.com and is a leader, manager, MBA and former management consultant passionate about developing considerate, thoughtful and effective leaders.

Ben has been leading teams for more than 15 years in many different industries and organisations. He has seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leading teams.

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