Tackle the Difficult Conversations With Confidence and Achieve Real Results

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Being able to tackle the difficult conversations for performance or behaviour problems is a critical skill for any leader. Difficult conversations are uncomfortable and many leaders avoid them… don’t let this be you!

Imagine having the confidence to have the difficult conversations, without experiencing the anxiety and fear they usually bring. It can happen for you.

This eBook contains practical advice you can apply to your role today. After reading the Difficult Conversations eBook, you will be able to: 

  • Prepare effectively for difficult conversations, giving you the confidence and the ability to set yourself up for success
  • Handle difficult conversations confidently and sensitively, to achieve the best results for you and your team members
  • Solve conflicts and behaviour problems in your team, before they get out of control.

Stop your small issues from snowballing into large problems and be a better leader for your team.

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What You Get In the Difficult Conversations eBook

The Difficult Conversations eBook comes in the standard PDF format, and includes exercises within each section to help you learn and apply the knowledge. Read more below to see the specific parts of the eBook that are included with the product.

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Below is just a snapshot of the content from the Difficult Conversations eBook. The eBook is presented with high-quality graphics and an easy to use layout.

Happy Customers Are Saying…

“The part of my job that I hate is having hard conversations with my team, so I bought this eBook to see whether it would make any difference.I was having a particularly hard time with one person in my workplace. The tools in this eBook really helped me to have the productive conversations that got real results.

Nobody likes having difficult conversations, but the Difficult Conversations eBook helped me to prepare better for them, and I’m getting better results when I do need to address a problem in my team. Worth the investment!”

P. Myers, Supervisor

“Ben is very insightful about what takes place in the workplace. I found the Difficult Conversations eBook to be very useful for putting structure around having hard conversations with staff. The eBook was also well written, at a reasonable price.”

Adrian Thibodeau, Manager

About the Author

Ben Brearley is a leader, manager, MBA and former management consultant passionate about developing considerate, thoughtful and effective leaders. Ben has been leading teams for more than 15 years and has seen what works and what doesn’t.

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Difficult Conversations eBook

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