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Is your team underperforming? I can help.

Is your team low in productivity?

Low productivity means higher cost. Can you afford to have a team that is costing you more than it should be?

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Are team members confused about who does what?

Lack of clear role definitions and accountabilities can be one of the most frustrating aspects for a team.

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Does your team suffer from low morale?

Low morale often causes dysfunctional behaviour or increased turnover, two things that are best avoided!

Wouldn’t you rather have a team that works well together, gets things done and doesn’t hate coming to work every day?

To be effective, your team needs to be thoughtfully designed.

Thoughtful Leader consulting and coaching services focus on four key areas to ensure that your team is set up for success.


To do great work, your team needs to be set up so team members feel motivated to achieve. Without motivation, even the most talented individuals will perform below their best.


Without clear accountability, team members won’t be invested in the work they are doing. Accountability helps people to strive to do their best work, and makes them feel like their job really matters.


Every team need a leader. All leaders are different, but they need to be able to make effective decisions and communicate well in order to get the best out of their team.

Role Definition & Clarity

In every team, roles need to be clearly defined and communicated. Nothing causes confusion, frustration and inefficiency more than poorly defined team roles.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

I can help to set your team up for success today.

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Ben Brearley is the founder of Thoughtful Leader and has seen first hand how bad team design affects morale, productivity and the ability for organisations to get value out of their teams. Thoughtful Leader consulting is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Ben is a leader, manager, MBA and former management consultant who is passionate about helping teams achieve better results through intentional, thoughtful design.

Ben has consulted to Executives at a wide variety of organisations in industries including Healthcare, Government, Utilities, Resources and Construction.

Ben has seen and personally experienced the good, the bad and the extremely ugly within a number of diverse projects and organisations, and can help you improve the way your team operates and the way you lead.

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