Begin Your New Leadership Role With Confidence and Supercharge Your Career

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It’s difficult going from the role of an individual team member to being a new manager and leader. This audiobook will help you to navigate the challenges of your new management role and help set you and your team up for success.

This audiobook is perfect for leaders who have just started their new leadership role (congratulations!) or for those who are getting ready to take that next step.

Imagine feeling confident to lead your team, without doubting yourself along the way. It’s possible for you.

The audiobook has two sections that will help you set up your team and then manage your team. With workbook exercises included, this audiobook will give you the confidence to hit the ground running in your leadership role.

Leadership is all about helping your team members perform at their best, experience job satisfaction and develop their careers. Once you’ve achieved all those aspects, your own career prospects are looking bright! So if you want to make your team a priority and improve your own career at the same time, then this audiobook is for you.

After listening to this audiobook, you will learn how to set your team up for success, by:

  • Setting a solid team foundation, understand your team members and make sure you’re communicating the right way
  • Being able to understand and diagnose your current team issues to improve the way you work
  • Developing your Team Purpose, to get your team moving in the right direction.

You will also learn how to manage your team effectively, including:

  • Understanding and using different leadership styles
  • Making good decisions
  • Resourcing your team appropriately
  • Supporting your team members to improve performance
  • Being strategic and developing your team
  • … and much more!

The audiobook is in the standard Mp3 audio format which can be played on any mobile phone, tablet or computer. This way, you can listen at any time that suits you best – during your daily commute, or on the couch at home.

Also included is the Becoming a New Manager Workbook, which will help you to work through the exercises and learn the key skills.

Don’t go into your first leadership role all alone – invest in the Becoming a New Manager audiobook and set yourself up for success.

Includes the Audiobook & Workbook

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  • The Becoming a New Manager Workbook
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